New Transparent Conductive Film Alternative (TCF)


PDIM (Pre-Deposited Images in Metal) deposits pure conductive metal. Fine traces in any pattern desired can form circuitry, networks, buss bars or grids. A conductive grid for example consisting of 25um traces criss crossed every 500um yield a TCF with 96% transparancy with the deposited metal surface resistance values of 1, .5 or even .1 Ohm/sq. A PDIM grid can be used as is for many applications but can also be used to produce "enhanced" conductive film products by overcoating it using ITO, PEDOT, Silver NanoWire or graphenes.

The PDIM grid becomes a buss network in this case, allowing a lesser amount of the added material to be used in order to reach a desired conductivity level and greater transparancy. Enhanced transparent conductor performance all around at a more economical price. Various applications for PDIM TCF include Solar PV cells, Interactive touch screens, displays, EL and OLED light panels and more.
PDIM is a custom made product offered as a service to manufacturers. A variety of metals and plastic film substrates are available. PDIM can also be sold fully metalized, offering manufacturers the ability to etch their desired patterns for prototyping of small runs.

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