November 27: Future of Conductive Printing

Masterclass/Workshop - It is generally accepted that PE is a disruptive technology which will enable next-generation ICT, energy, healthcare, entertainment and advertising industry solutions to meet large end user markets demand in the future. This makes printing of conductive materials for printed electronics applications an area of great economical potential and fast technical progress. Today, most of the printed electronics are based on silver based inks. The high price of silver is a bottleneck for the breakthrough of several applications. Within the European funded CLIP-project, research institutes, SME's and SME Associations are working together to develop low cost inks based on copper for use in optimized high volume low cost printing technologies (screen, flexo) and digital non contact printing technologies (inkjet and aerosol jet printing). In this first event on Conductive Printing, we give an overview on the state-of-the-art and new developments in the field of conductive ink development, printing technology and applications.

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